1. Why should we consider investing in a BioDome System for our school?

Concerned about the cost?

-We understand school budgets are limited and we appreciate that the BioDome isnt a small investment for your school, thats why we have taken things to the next level with tons of value added support and curriculum based materials.

-We are so confident in the quality of our offering that we are including a comprehensive set of lesson plans with every BioDome. Everything your staff need to succeed is included, nothing has been left to chance.

-We are commited to helping you achieve your goal of providing the best quality hands-on learning experiences ever seen. Thats why our BioDomes are supplied with all the nutrients, seeds and sensors you need to get started.

Does Hydroponics sound too complicated?

-Our hydroponic systems are designed and tested to be perfect for use in a school environment.

-Large water reservoirs allow the system to run smoothly through half terms and summer holidays. This means staff dont have to come in during the holidays to maintain the BioDome.

There is no digging, no weeding and no watering required. Your pupils just plant and pick.

- Our hydroponic grow trays are so effective they will make inexperienced staff look like expert gardeners on their first try!
'' Amanda(headteacher) and I have never grown anything in our lives and i know this sounds funny but these are the best cucumbers ive ever tasted!''
Miss Sepet : Business Manager- St Marys School, Swanley

Maintenance and Upkeep Worries:

-Our Geodesic dome greenhouses, hydroponic systems and solar power hardware are all super low-maintenance, and we offer robust after-sales support to ensure ease of upkeep.

-All our products come with a 10 year guarantee. We dont know of another dome company that can offer this level of assurance.

-Pump not working, battery playing up? Dont worry, you get private access to a full set of instructional videos and tutorials that cover everything from planting to harvesting to maintaining all components of your BioDome.

-Still stuck, dont worry, just gives us a call and we will travel across the country to come and fix things.

Complexity of Installation:

-Total turnkey installation, you only need to deal with one supplier for all your project needs. This saves your bursar and admin staff time with no need to get quotes from different trades.

- Our Geodesic Domes go up fast! On average your school will be up and running with your brand spanking new BioDome greenhouse in only a week

-All our installations are carried out by our experienced team of DBS checked installers.

-We leave no waste on site at the end of a job.

-Free site visits can be carried out if you feel your site has challenging access requirements.

How do you know BioDome Systems is a credible choice?

-Schools in our portfolio have received accolades and awards from Ofsted, the Department of Education and the United Nations.

-We also have numerous testimonials and case studies from satisfied schools and nationwide distribution of almost 100 completed projects.

- We are the
longest running geodesic dome supplier to schools in the UK.

General Questions:

How are the BioDomes Powered?

If you select a BioDome with growing system from us then this will also include at least one large solar panel with battery back up system and charge controller. This is used to power the pumps for the growing system as well as a thermostatically controlled ventilation system. Weve opted for a solar powered approach to reduce the need for ground works on your site and the unnecessary expense of connecting to mains electricity. We also think it brings a great educational benefit to schools to see how off grid solar power systems work.

Do we need a mains water supply?

If you are using the hydroponics or aeroponics system we would recommend having an outdoor tap within approx 50 meters of the BioDome. Longer distances are fine but the reservoirs within the BioDome will take longer to fill due to lower water pressure. Its not necessary for the BioDome to be plumbed directly into a mains water supply. We can offer an integrated rain water collection system into the base for you however this would be quoted on a case by case basis.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water solutions to deliver essential minerals directly to the plant roots. This method offers several advantages, including more efficient use of water and nutrients, faster growth rates, and the ability to grow plants in environments where soil quality is poor or space is limited.

How much produce can a BioDome grow?

The technologies weve chosen to design and incorporate into the BioDome are specifically intended to give schools the maximum amount of productivity with the minimum amount of effort required as we know schools are busy and dynamic places where watering plants or picking out weeds isnt going to be a top priority, it was also important to us that the BioDome could run for long periods of time unattend so that school holidays wouldnt cause all your hard work to be wasted. The BioDome can actually pay for itself in the value of crops grown if well managed. The calculations below are based on a 6 meter diameter BioDome with hydroponic system.

What type of bases do you offer?

The main type of base we would recommend for a BioDome installation would be a circular concrete pad. This is the hardest wearing and longest lasting option weve found to date that is still highly economical for customers. For customers on a tight budget we can provide a concrete ring beam, this supports only the perimeter of the dome itself so the internal floor area needs to be covered with a cheaper substrate like gravel or bark.

We can also offer wooden decking or composite decking in a variety of shapes and sizes. However this is more expensive and less durable than a concrete base so we put less of an emphasis on offering this to customers

How long does it take to install a BioDome?

Our most popular product size is the 6 meter range of BioDomes, this typically take 5-7 days to install, This includes the installation of your chosen base type and commissioning of the growing system and solar power system.

How Long will a BioDome last?

All our BioDome product ranges should have lifespans of up to 20 years and beyond when installed on our concrete pads. We currently have many BioDomes built across the country that are still in excellent condition after 10 years in service and they have survived extremely high winds, rough treatment on school playgrounds and fields as well as the occasional and unfortunate bout of vandalism.

Do You Offer Custom Sizes?

All of our dome styles can be built in any size you require, multiple domes of different sizes can be interconnected and our modular grow trays can host a wide range of different growing methods if hydroponics isn't for you. All of our products are made in Britain and we control the entire process from computer design work, through to manufacturing and installation so we can create a custom solution specifically for you.